Thursday, July 2, 2009

UM, I have seen you!

This is the fourth day I have been in the Ann Arbor. I think I should write something to remember all the things I have met here.Even though still a little homestick, I believe I already begun to adapt to the life here.Hope that every goes on well.
Mum and Dad, I miss you so much but I'm afraid of telling you so, because that will make you worry about me. Take it easy and I will take care of myself well.
What excites me most is that I'm starting too cook! Does it mean that I can feed myself now? I'm not sure. However, to be honest, I was just an assistant in fact, haha..., because I can't cook. Dang and Xin did it, and I just do some washing. Believe me, please, I will begin to learn cooking as soon as there is a chance. I'm sure my boyfriend would be happy to hear that.
I have started my job in the lab, which looks not so difficult at the first glance. Anyway I will try my best.
Hope that everyone could have a wonderful summer vacation no matter where you are.

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  1. Hi Helena, Maybe we should have a recipe exchange!