Saturday, July 11, 2009

Field trip to Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

What a fantasitc day today!It's the fisrt time we were so close to the really Amerian cultrue.We had a great time in the museum and village.
It was not until I went to the Henry Ford Museum did I see so many different kinds of car. Though I was not that interested in cars, I find it fun to get close to cars in different types and colours. Cars have change a lot from time to time. What impresses me most is the green one which looks like a frog. In addition, the plane of different times also look cool.
The next goes to the village. It was so large that it took us 3 hours to look aroud. However, it deserved. The most exciting thing was to see the lab of Thomas Edison, who was one of the greatest inventions in the world. There are kinds of machines and Chemical reagents in his lab. All have different functions. Looking at the lamp invented by Edison, I felt that as if Edison was still among us. It was he that who lit up the world.
Hungry, we cooked a big meal for ourselves.
Thank you for Bev who organize the trip. I will keep the wonderful day in my memory forever.

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