Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A day to remember

Today is a day to remember. Some special happened today, which, however, is too painful to talk about for me.
Leave me alone. I want to go through these grey days myself.
I believe that one day it will become nothing to me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes-log for homework of this week

Sorry for having not finished my homework----a yes-log----last week. So I will do two this week.

A:You went to the Henry Ford Museum today, didn't you?
B: Yes, I did go to the museum with all the REU students today.
A: Oh, you went on a fild trip to museum with all the REU students today.

A: Did it rain this morning.
B: Yes, there was a heavy rain in the morning.
A: So it did rain heavily in the moring

Field trip to Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

What a fantasitc day today!It's the fisrt time we were so close to the really Amerian cultrue.We had a great time in the museum and village.
It was not until I went to the Henry Ford Museum did I see so many different kinds of car. Though I was not that interested in cars, I find it fun to get close to cars in different types and colours. Cars have change a lot from time to time. What impresses me most is the green one which looks like a frog. In addition, the plane of different times also look cool.
The next goes to the village. It was so large that it took us 3 hours to look aroud. However, it deserved. The most exciting thing was to see the lab of Thomas Edison, who was one of the greatest inventions in the world. There are kinds of machines and Chemical reagents in his lab. All have different functions. Looking at the lamp invented by Edison, I felt that as if Edison was still among us. It was he that who lit up the world.
Hungry, we cooked a big meal for ourselves.
Thank you for Bev who organize the trip. I will keep the wonderful day in my memory forever.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chinese shop!

Thank you so much for Ms. Jin picking me up at the Chinese shop, because I bought too many things. It was such an exciting thing to find product with Chinese title and introduction. It was perhaps the first time I knew what I was buying, haha. Actually the product are all made in China, though the prices are several times than the ones at home. However, it's still fantastic to see them abroad.
There is still an meaningful thing to mention. I send my parents a video-Email, in which they can see me and hear my voice at the same time. Though we make calls sometimes, to send a video in another thing. I hope they would like the way to communite.
I find it interesting to stay in the lab all day. I will continue my work next week.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow at Greenfield Village!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

No cooking any more

Actually I enjoy cooking so much, especially the feeling to be indepent makes me more self-confident. I'm sorry, however, that it takes too much time to prepare for a meal. So perhaps I won't do so much cooking any more.Thanks to Kitty for her help during the cooking.Without her, I would have been eating noodles and junk food these days.
In the evening, after the discussion of small groups, I went to the CCRB for running. It was in the gym that I met a Chinese freshwoman of U-M who came from Shanghai, China. Interested in the Oxford Housing, she came with me and had a visit in our room. I hope that everything goes well with her.
Tomorrow I'm going to do research in the lab. I'm exciting about that.
By the way, I do appreciate what Mindy told us about how to write an E-mail in the class. I find it of great help for me.
Good night.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So many things today

What's the feeling when finishing so many things in 12 hours? Tired, certainly.

In the morning, I went to the lab as usual. My job was not so difficult as I had thought before I came. It's, however, totally different from what I have been working on in the lab of my own college. It was not until I arrived here that I began to understand what was discussed in the paper from my professor here. Though challenging, I'm glad to have a try.

I believe I fell in love with Ann Arbor at the first sight. I do hope to get a chance to continue my graduate school in U-M. So I find the Research Summay about Graduate School extremely helpful. Basic process about the requisition is concluded, and also some practical skills. Though having not decided whether to continue doing research or not after education, I would like finishing my graduate education. U-M is a dream school for me actually.

We had pizza again, which was served on the dinner for all the exchange student. How kind the orgnizers are! Actually we have been cooking by ourselves since we came here, therefore it's not a bad thing to try different taste.

Now goes to the gym! This is the first step that I take to keep fit! And I'm going on!
Tired, I went to sleep. A sweet dream to everybody!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm here in Ann Arbor

This is the fourth day I have been in the Ann Arbor. I think I should write something to remember all the things I have met here.Even though still a little homestick, I believe I already begun to adapt to the life here.Hope to enjoy my summer vacation here in Ann Arbor