Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So many things today

What's the feeling when finishing so many things in 12 hours? Tired, certainly.

In the morning, I went to the lab as usual. My job was not so difficult as I had thought before I came. It's, however, totally different from what I have been working on in the lab of my own college. It was not until I arrived here that I began to understand what was discussed in the paper from my professor here. Though challenging, I'm glad to have a try.

I believe I fell in love with Ann Arbor at the first sight. I do hope to get a chance to continue my graduate school in U-M. So I find the Research Summay about Graduate School extremely helpful. Basic process about the requisition is concluded, and also some practical skills. Though having not decided whether to continue doing research or not after education, I would like finishing my graduate education. U-M is a dream school for me actually.

We had pizza again, which was served on the dinner for all the exchange student. How kind the orgnizers are! Actually we have been cooking by ourselves since we came here, therefore it's not a bad thing to try different taste.

Now goes to the gym! This is the first step that I take to keep fit! And I'm going on!
Tired, I went to sleep. A sweet dream to everybody!

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